Angela Bueti

A Word from Angela

I love writing about most things, except myself, so here goes. A little bit about me… If I could write books morning, noon and night I would. But I have two kids to feed, Oscar and Archie , and I love them to bits so I should remember to do that. And sometimes I have to fit other things into my life like sleeping, reading, running, catching up with friends and going to the beach. I think books are magical.

Our books are made with love and care especially for young readers. Our aim is to ignite a passion for reading in all kids who pick up our books, especially boys and reluctant readers.

Through our stories we hope kids discover that reading is a great joy. It can take them to many magical places and is the gateway to helping them realise their potential.

Have fun and enjoy giving your child the gift of reading.


About Angela Bueti

*Have you always wanted to be an author?*

I didn’t like school much, but I always loved creative writing. When I did my teacher training I fell in love with children’s picture books and was inspired by how different emotions could be evoked through beautiful writing and illustrations. I thought that being a writer would be a challenging and rewarding profession. It took me quite a few years and lots of unpublished manuscripts to get there, but I am grateful that I can now share my stories with readers.

*What books have you written?*

My first book, ‘Red Dirt Diaries’ was a travel memoir that I co-authored with my Mum about her 20 years of travelling around Australia. Then when my eldest son started school and disliked reading I was inspired to write the beginner book series, ‘Scratch and Patch’, and then ‘Jimmy Ka-Chow’. A few years later I was asked by SunnyKids to collaborate with them on a national project to promote resilience and courage, and ‘The Quest for Courage’ was published and sent to schools across Australia. As a result I heard many stories from teachers and parents about how the book had positively impacted children, which is just magic for an author to hear. I am so excited to now release ‘The Good Man Project’ along with SunnyKids and some other wonderful partners to help young boys explore the notion of what it means to be a good man. My 11 year old thinks it’s pretty good, so I hope other kids around the country do too.

*Where do your ideas come from?*

My two sons have a strong influence over my writing. Ideas come from watching them talk and interact with their friends, noticing what makes them laugh, what makes them scared, and what interests them. Soon enough characters and storylines start taking shape in my head and I spend a lot of time thinking before I put pen to paper; I need to see it clearly in my mind before I start writing. ‘The Good Man Project’ was written while riding my bike one glorious sunny day along a path that winds around our local beach!

*What is your favourite children’s book?*

I can’t go past any of the Dr Seuss books. They are pure magic. ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ is an all time favourite as it has such a powerful message delivered in a fun, uplifting way. I’ve even gifted this book to adults as the lessons hold true for all of us. Any book that has a positive message and is thought provoking gets a tick from me.


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