Blokes and Books

A dad who I have come to know through school said he didn’t start reading until he was 30. Said he wasn’t interested before then. Now you can’t stop him. A switch was flicked. And not only does he love reading himself but he finds immense joy reading with his two young daughters. I imagine he would do the best character impersonations.

Another bloke I know who works in a stressful corporate job admitted to secretly wanting to chuck it all in and open up a rare bookshop to sit around reading all day, drinking coffee and talking books with his customers. Currently he has four books on the go, but one he is not so excited about. He is finding Dan Brown’s latest epic too laborious and the writing style grating. Recently, he spent a whole glorious weekend sitting on his balcony swilling good French champagne, cigar in hand, reading.

Closer to home the man of the house religiously devours a selection of local and national newspapers (weekend magazines being especially popular) and he has a penchant for autobiographies, particularly of sporting greats, the latest one being Micky O. Inky paper, in all its forms creeps in piles on the bedside table, kitchen bench and office floor. He is the paper collector.

I love to hear about blokes who read. It’s good for them, good for us and good for our kids. If you are a bloke who reads tell us what stories you devour and why.

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