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reading aloud to daughter

Why Read Aloud to Kids?

One of Australia’s favourite children’s authors, Mem Fox, has been quoted as saying, “If you can’t read aloud to your kid for 10 minutes a day, why have you got a child? Why have you got one? Wouldn’t it have been better for you to have a goldfish?” It’s pretty direct, but true. Reading to […]

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20 ways to make reading fun

20 Ways To Get Kids to Read

Many kids can quite happily lock themselves away for hours on end devouring any book they can get their hands on. I am always secretly a little envious of parents who have kids like this, as you can see their kids are totally enthused by the whole reading experience. They are hungry for their reading […]

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I Love Reading

What got you reading?

The Nancy Drew Mystery Series were classic childhood favourites of my era. But not for me. While most of my friends devoured girly mysteries I was doing other things. I can hardly remember reading as a kid. My recollection is that I was too busy catching tadpoles, riding my bike or milking cows to read. […]

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Blokes and Books

A dad who I have come to know through school said he didn’t start reading until he was 30. Said he wasn’t interested before then. Now you can’t stop him. A switch was flicked. And not only does he love reading himself but he finds immense joy reading with his two young daughters. I imagine […]

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