The Good Man Project



What are the characteristics of a good man? What does being a good man mean to you?

Good men come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different age groups and nationalities. Kids, especially young boys, need to be able to recognise those positive characteristics in the good men around them and to aspire to be like them. Follow Jake in ‘The Good Man Project’ as he uncovers what it means to be a good man and finds that the answer is closer to home than he thought.


Written in partnership with SunnyKids, this book is suited to upper primary students and will be distributed throughout primary schools across Australia with accompanying teachers guides. (For school book packs and resources click here.)


“My hope is that The Good Man Project provides a starting point for parents, grandparents, teachers, chaplains, and coaches to have conversations with our kids about what healthy relationships look like, and importantly to be role models for them.” – Angela


Every book purchase helps SunnyKids to educate our younger generation about healthy relationships.

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