Jimmy Ka-Chow – The Drying Dome

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Level 2

Jimmy is a super clever kid who loves nothing more than inventing super cool contraptions. He also loves hanging out with his best friend Layla and his four-legged friend Pepi. This story is packed full of fun and is perfect for the beginning reader.


Level 2

Jimmy and Layla get wet walking to school. How will they dry out?
Find out how Jimmy’s invention saves the day. Ka-Chow!

  • Running words – 33
  • High frequency words – I, am, too
  • Interest words – wet, cold, dry
  • Grammar marks – full stops, speech marks, commas

Written by Angela Bueti
Illustrated by Stu Reid

Level 2
Junior primary
Published 2011
16pp, A5, full colour
ISBN 978 0 9808744 3 3

1 review for Jimmy Ka-Chow – The Drying Dome

  1. Joanne Wilson

    Another great reader for our boys all under 7. We have no trouble with reading time when Jimmy’s out on the table to entertain them! As a parent I love the additional challenge words they can attempt as well as the inspiration to their imagination with his awesome inventions.

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