Jimmy Ka-Chow – The Photo Fixer


Level 3

Jimmy is a super clever kid who loves nothing more than inventing super cool contraptions. He also loves hanging out with his best friend Layla and his four-legged friend Pepi. This story is packed full of fun and is perfect for the beginning reader.


Level 3

It is time for school photos but Jimmy and Layla are dirty. How will they clean up? Find out how Jimmy’s invention saves the day. Ka-Chow!

  • Running words – 55
  • High frequency words – It, is, for, I, like, said
  • Interest words – school, slide, swing, photos, home
  • Grammar marks – full stops, speech marks, apostrophes

Written by Angela Bueti
Illustrated by Stu Reid

Level 3
Junior primary
Published 2011
16pp, A5, full colour
ISBN 978 0 9808744 4 0


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