Resilient Kids Super Pack



Purchase the Quest for Courage and new release The Good Man Project together and save – your second book is half price! (Save $7.50)

The Quest for Courage

Sam desperately wanted to fit in. But fitting in is difficult when you are terribly shy, twice as tall as the other kids, and extremely clumsy. Just when Sam thought the taunts would become too much to bear, he finds hope through the wisdom of Jess. Jess shows Sam just what courage looks like and how it can be found in the most unlikely place. This encouragement gives Sam the strength to stand up to be the best that he can be.

This storybook is suited to upper primary students.

The Good Man Project

Good men come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different age groups and nationalities. Kids, especially young boys, need to be able to recognise those positive characteristics in the good men around them and to aspire to be like them. Follow Jake as he uncovers what it means to be a good man and finds that the answer is closer to home than he thought. This book is suited to upper primary students.


Every book purchase helps SunnyKids to educate our younger generation about healthy relationships.


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