The Quest for Courage

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The Quest for Courage is a timeless book with positive messages of courage and resilience that kids can take with them throughout their lifetime.

It is a powerful story that will stay with children long after the last page is turned.

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Sam desperately wanted to fit in. But fitting in is difficult when you are terribly shy, twice as tall as the other kids, and extremely clumsy.

Just when Sam thought the taunts would become too much to bear, he finds hope through the wisdom of Jess.

Jess shows Sam just what courage looks like and how it can be found in the most unlikely place. This encouragement gives Sam the strength to stand up to be the best that he can be.

Written by Angela Bueti
Illustrated by Robert Crane

Upper primary
Published Aug 2012, reprinted Sept 2012
32pp, A4, full colour
ISBN 978 0 9872604 8 2

2 reviews for The Quest for Courage

  1. angelabueti

    In 1839, English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote his well known adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” for his play ‘Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy’ about the well known Cardinal Richelieu. I was recently reminded of this adage and how true it often is, when I used the book “The Quest for Courage” in a particular classroom experience.

    As a retired teacher and principal, with forty years of experience in Queensland schools, I do some supply teaching (mainly for my own social, emotional well being) and was recently asked to take an upper primary group of students (9 to 12 year olds), in the first week of the school year.

    I remembered that there had been a particular bullying situation, with some of these students, towards the end of the previous year and I quickly grabbed “The Quest for Courage” as I left for work.
    During the middle session I read this book to the class as a whole and I deliberately didn’t inform them of what it was about. As I started to read about Sam and how he found his own safe place at school, I realised that the eyes of the students involved in the bullying situation were really focusing on the illustrations and the story.

    There was silence in the room, apart from my sometimes over melodramatic reading, and every student was totally focussed. There were nodding of heads as I read about Harry and Jack and their taunting of Sam. Some very wide eyes as some of Corey and Fran’s comments seemed familiar to these students and a feeling of total concentration in the room.

    The reading of the page on…
    Courage to speak up
    Courage to be ourselves
    Courage to be a good friend – etc.
    resulted in what appeared to be many “Ah Ha” moments with the students.

    What happened at the end of the reading was something that I had never experienced in forty years of working in classrooms.

    All the students in the room burst into spontaneous applause. It was not for me. It was for Sam and Jess and the way in which they found the Courage to confront their bullies.

    Wow! I thought, what was that adage about the Pen and the Sword again?

    My next thought was how strong is this message in the “The Quest for Courage”?

    During the lunchbreak some students were working in the Library and I kept an eye on them without realising what they were doing. When we came back into the room after the lunchbreak I had my second surprise and further evidence of how true Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s adage still proves to be in this age of instant digital technology.

    About half a dozen students had made red paper poppies in the lunch break. They had written the word ‘courage’ on their poppies and had pinned them to their shirts. They walked proudly with their self made poppies and it was obvious that they had found the ‘courage’ to deal with anything that came their way.
    Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s adage has once again been proved to be true.

    Angela Bueti and her book “The Quest for Courage” has provided one group of young students with the mental courage and self belief to deal with their difficulties, and to ensure fairness in their social group will occur to the very best of their abilities.

    Greg Dobson

  2. angelabueti

    Sometimes I wonder how I managed to sail around the world on my own. Looking back I was able to do it through the support of family and friends (and sometimes even strangers) who helped me to find the courage to get through many worrying times when I was in the middle of the ocean by myself.

    As an Ambassador for Read2Remember I am excited by the powerful messages delivered in The Quest for Courage. It is such an enjoyable book and tells a simple story that will have an enormous impact.

    I believe that this book is capable of helping every child find their courage so they can enjoy life and all the opportunities it presents.

    Jessica Watson
    Solo world sailor, OAM
    Read2Remember Ambassador

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