Supporting Domestic Violence Prevention Month

The month of May is Domestic Violence Prevention Month, raising community awareness of the social and personal impacts of domestic and family violence and the support available to those affected.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to learn that domestic violence is at epidemic levels across our country and that it is the leading cause of hospitalised assault for women and girls nationally, with more than half being perpetrated by spouses and partners.

Raising awareness is vital, and this is a topic that should be discussed with children so that we can stop the cycle and instead promote positive relationships.

It’s such a sensitive issue, though. How do we talk to kids about domestic violence in a clear and direct way, without being scary, and while also giving them some ideas about how they can develop positive relationships with their own families and friends?

When SunnyKids approached me about how we can speak to kids about what healthy relationships look like, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with them on an inspirational children’s book. Today, 23rd May 2017, we are proud to have launched the new book ‘The Good Man Project’ along with the support of Aussie World, Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Firefly Education and John Pearson Consulting.

Good men come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different age groups and nationalities; we want kids, especially young boys, to be able to recognise those positive characteristics in the good men around them and to aspire to be like them

My hope is that The Good Man Project provides a starting point for parents, grandparents, teachers, chaplains, and coaches to have conversations with our kids about what healthy relationships look like, and importantly to be role models for them.

Need Help?

If you, someone you know, or a child is at risk of family or domestic violence please act today. Contact the following organisations to receive free support and advice Australia-wide 24 hours a day. If the situation is an emergency please call 000.

Kids Helpline
Confidential counselling service for young people 5–25 years old – 1300 766 491

National sexual assault, domestic family violence counselling service

Information and 24 hour support line – 1800 737 732

Information and support line – 1800 272 831

DV Connect
24 hour support line – 1800 811 811

Safe Steps
24 hour family violence response line – 1800 015 188

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