What got you reading?

The Nancy Drew Mystery Series were classic childhood favourites of my era. But not for me. While most of my friends devoured girly mysteries I was doing other things. I can hardly remember reading as a kid. My recollection is that I was too busy catching tadpoles, riding my bike or milking cows to read. Or maybe I just wasn’t that interested. Either way, books didn’t feature significantly in my childhood. That is, until I discovered what my brother was reading.

I’m not sure if my teacher would have approved of my early reading tastes though. The Coles Funny Picture books were more picture than words and the MAD comics were more mad than anything else. But I loved them and used to pore over them for hours.

Looking back now it was the first time I was even remotely interested in reading and I figure that’s because they appealed to my sense of humour and fascination for the unusual and quirky. It’s funny how reading tastes can remain consistent over the years. I still love humour in writing, and if it’s mainstream I’m likely to avoid it.

I’d like to know. What got you reading and why?

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